Welcome to the AB² Leader Dojo

What is it?

The AB² Leader Dojo is best time you will ever invest in your leadership growth. In a focused, confidential, environment, you will learn how to become a better leader, and immediately begin practicing what you learned. Curriculum includes proven leadership and continuous improvement methods to help leaders strengthen healthy leadership patterns, and learn new ways to lead in a digitally disrupted environment, all with customer value in mind. Giving your time to immerse and focus in the AB² Leader Dojo is living out the wise advice, slow down to go faster.

AB² Virtual Dojo

Subscribe to a lighter but more frequent version of our Leader Dojo, designed to offer learning in a small but steady stream. As a student, you'll receive a weekly reflection email and exclusive teaching video building on specific leadership topics, and a monthly virtual meetup to discuss and review the topics. Need to convince your leader or finance department? We offer a free 30 day trial, and a monthly certificate outlining the topics and assignments.

AB² Dojo Half Day

For leaders and teams considering the AB² Leader Dojo, but not yet ready to commit, we offer an on-site, half day session focused on a specific leadership growth topic of your choice. Session includes one follow up virtual meetup to discuss and share progress made since the session. 

Onsite AB² Leader Dojo

You're ready to give your time and focus for the full AB² Leader Dojo experience. We will work with you to find a motivating, immersive environment on site, or near your business. Depending upon the size of the group, the AB² Leader Dojo gives you two to five days of focused learning, and a full year subsciption to the AB² Leader Dojo. 

Contact us to learn more: ab2consultingcoaches@gmail.com