AB² Coaching

Claudia and Janel are seasoned coaches who get results. They are not therapists, believe effective coaching must examine the whole self. They use continuous learning and Breakthrough Coaching methodologies to help clients take small, sustainable steps toward big goals. Studies show that people and teams are far more likely to reach their full potential with a coach, so why leave your big goals to chance? Some of the topics we’ve privately coached include:

  • BHAGs (Big, hairy, audacious, goals)
  • Confidence building, all ages
  • High school athletic performance
  • Ironman and triathlons- physical and mental readiness
  • Letting go (grief, empty nesters, divorce)
  • Little league baseball
  • Marathons-physical and mental readiness
  • Mindfulness

Not sure you need a coach? Clients who have these values are more likely to win with AB² Coaching:

You Really Want it

People who are at a point in their life, career or athletic achievement when they want more. You are ready to grow, even if there are many things in the way, you back.

You See Coaching as a Personal Investment

You might not know how to get there, but you have a strong sense of owning what you want. You know the time is now, not next year or the year after that. Today is ripe with possibility.

You are Willing to Be Vulnerable

You are willing to let go, no matter how hard it will be. You know that change will not happen in your current place.

You Value Our Expertise

You see your coach as a critical part of your vision for success, and are willing to trust your coach and the methodologies used. You know your coach won’t do things for you, but help you help yourself.

Don’t stay stuck a moment longer. Stop starting, and start finishing! Contact us today for more information.

AB² Personal Consulting

Home projects got you stressed out? Too much (everything!) on your plate? Starting too many things and not finishing anything? Stuck in a rut? Got a huge opportunity and want to make it happen? Claudia and Janel have deep consulting experience to cut through the noise and find the heart of the matter.

We will listen, ask questions, and listen some more, using a thorough method of discovery to get a complete view of your personal needs. Some of the ways we offer private consultations include:

Organization: your life, your home, your kids

Get the waste out of your day for stay at home Moms/Dads

Grow an experiment mindset for cooking and baking

Practice mindfulness


Lifestyle Workshops

Claudia and Janel have years of great experience in facilitating executive, leader, and team events and workshops. They use a fun, creative, results-driven approach to engage people. They work to get groups to own their experience, knowing that change is more likely to be sustained with strong ownership at the start.

Lifestyle workshops we offer:

  • Don’t see it here? Contact us and let’s talk to see if our expertise can meet your needs.
  • Athletic Team Building
  • Agile Athletes
  • Agile Classrooms
  • Agile Kids & High School
  • Agile Home Improvement
  • Agile Parenting
  • Agile Wedding Planning
  • Emcee Your Special Event
  • Leading Change
  • Mindfulness
  • Organize Your Life