Claudia Marquette

As an SPC4 and Agile coach, Claudia Marquette helps leaders and professionals learn and apply Agile and Lean practices. She has deep expertise in what it takes to transform to an agile organization, including experience as a Scaled Agile Framework release train engineer. Claudia also has years of experience as a technology people leader and consultant. Claudia studied Medical Technology at UW-Stevens Point. She is a Mom of two wonderful boys.  When she's not a hockey-soccer-baseball-Tae Kwon Do Mom, Claudia enjoys running marathons, gardening, and exploring the wonders of beet juice. 



Janel Lanza

Janel Lanza is an SPC4, Agile and leader coach, keynote speaker, and author. As a master coach in Breakthrough Coaching, she helps leaders and team members to do what seems impossible. Janel has deep experience with complex organizational change and communication problems. Janel studied Business Administration-Marketing at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She enjoys racing Ironmans and other endurance events, and lives in suburban Milwaukee with her husband and three delightful children.